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Web Design, the process of collection ideas and arranging & implanting them attractively for purpose oriented users, client and beneficiary. The process of presenting content in electronic website where end user can access through internet and browser purposefully. It emphasizes layout, audience centric content, colour, graphics, and fonts etc. As global business and services turned into web base performance globally, web design is a key to represent service/product to the client or user through internet easily and in a short time. So when you design, need to get web design training with very good web design courses. As it’s a way for a smarter career people (e.g. employee, unemployed, and student) are advised to learn web design. There are few quality institute for web design training in Dhaka, learn how to web design in a best web design training organization DEN has been working in this field since 2005.
• WHAT you learn- HTML 4.0, HTML5, CSS2, CSS3, Java Script, Photoshop CS3, Illustrator CS3, PSD-TO-HTML templating , Adove Dreamweaver, Live Project and more...
• WHERE you can work- Training Institute, Web Solutions Provider and Training Company, Freelancing Company, as Freelancer, Advertising Farm, News Paper, NGO, Corporate Office, Garments, Buying House, Educational Institute, IT Company, Publications, Fashion Design House and so on.

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We assess, finalize need, develop and train youth and engage them into development. Ensuring the quality training and demand, we emphasize the unique productivity of youth (both man and woman) and engage them in their field of interest and assisting them into the significant way path. Not only one market, we also focus on the holistic development and future poignant field of social-human growth.

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Web Design

Web Design

Web Design

HTML 4.0, HTML 5.0, CSS 2, CSS 3, Java Script, Photoshop CS3, , PSD-TO-HTML Convert Templating , Adove Dreamweaver, Live Project and more..

HTML Coding

  • Creating a HTML page
  • HTML Tags
  • Paragraph & Text Formatting
  • Lists
  • Horizontal Ruling lines
  • HTML Color
  • Background Color
  • Specifying Font Information
  • Formatting Tags
  • HTML Hyper links
  • HTML Table
  • Table & Data Alignment Options
  • Table Cell Spacing & Padding
  • Links
  • Anchor Tag, Pre Tags
  • Form, Frame, Marquee Tag
  • Bdo, Span Tag
  • Audio, Video

Java Script

  • A scripting language is a lightweight programming language.
  • JavaScript is programming code that can be inserted into HTML pages.
  • JavaScript inserted into HTML pages, can be executed by all modern web browsers.
  • JavaScript is easy to learn.


  • Introduction to css
  • Concept Of Property & Value
  • Selector
  • Class, Id, Element Selectors
  • Layout Using Div
  • Box Model
  • Padding, margin, border
  • Background
  • Background Image, size, color, position, url, repeat
  • Border, Border-width, Border-color, Border-image
  • Box-shadow, Border-raddious
  • Display, Position, Outline, Float
  • Image gallary, Image Oppacity
  • Intoduction To Css3
  • Text Shadow, Gradient
  • Fonts, Corner
  • 2D,3D Transform
  • Transitions
  • Animation
  • Layout


  • Psd To Html
  • Live Project
  • Notepad, Dreamweaver, Photoshop
  • Responsive web design

Course Fee

Course Name:

Web Design

Course Fee: 8500 TK

Course Sedeule:

2 Months

3 Days Per week

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