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About us

DEN has been leading outsourcing training , web design training, office application training, web development training, SEO training, graphics training, software product, web solutions, web training company and consultancy organization in Bangladesh since 2005. DEN has brighter track record of delivering innovative & cost-effective solutions to both corporate and public sectors undertakings. We have keen & brighter records of providing Hospital Management System, Document Management System

Factory & Human Resource Management System, Library Management System, Accounting Management System, Micro Finance Management System, Institute Management System(Educational) etc in different stages company both home and away. We have a brand SME Management System named KenaBecha since 2005 both rural and urban Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise(MSME) System with the sponsorship of Intel and Islamic Development Bank. DEN also is deserving the proudness as a INITIATOR to carry technology especially ICT in rural Bangladesh to enhance youth skill development and to promote young entrepreneurship. DEN established a model of ICT & Service Entrepreneurship model GHAT(2005) also replicated in other countries. IT, Web & Programming Training is the potential area of DEN from the inception period (2003). Getting trained from DEN in outsource, freelance, web design, web development, web application (php, etc), CCNA Certification assistance and working online thousands of youth in Bangladesh are employed as well as DEN created entrepreneurs around last decade. As a result, website training,websolutions, joomla wordpress magento cms training, graphic training, campaign and information activity are our special areas to generate employment and entrepreneurship, to ensure maximum benefit from using IT, to update and going with modern usage of web technology and to ensure benefit of IT reducing gap, to involve challenged people in IT & Technology for mainstreaming them and such. Our best activities is Web training, outsourcing in Bangladesh, Best web training center , web development company, web design company , website design company in Bangladesh ,e-commerce website design. DEN priorities on human skill development and organization goals achievement through ICT and Online integration. It focuses on- • outsourcing training • IT Training (Web, Networking, Programming etc) • Software and Web Solutions (online-offline) • Entrepreneurship Development & Employment Generation • Youth & Women Empowerment When people look for web design training he/she searches the best web design company in his country or in their city. Web designing training is a significant work as it coveys youth interest in the contemporary world as a whole. Web development training also the same as web designing course. There are many online training centre, off line institute but web training institute, best web development company are not easy to find out. So IT training institute in Dhaka or Bangladesh is a fact for Bangladeshi learners to choose the best web institute in Bangladesh to meet their needs. DEN already streams its position as web design school as best website designers & trainers are working here. Web page design course, web development design course or web apps development course (php, php, my sql, My sql, .net, ms .net ) are not familiar to the learner in the elementary stage of learning. Training Institute needs to introduce all to the learner easily and interestingly as learners enthusiastically start learning and keep it around total course. DEN, the most experience and one of the best IT Training Institute in Bangladesh which has been providing best web training institute facilities since 2005 both rural and urban areas. DEN prioritizes youth skill development, train them and engage them into employment (e.g. job, entrepreneur, and freelancer) from its very inception. Hence we focus upon even midlevel and small level educated youth as they also can get the directions, the appropriate field they deserve. Twit them into good graphic design training, SEO training(search engine optimization ), MS Office Application Training(MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint), Computer Operation Training/IT Training etc we promote and counsel them to explore their skill and education to cope the greater landscape. Graphics Design is promptly developing utilization corner of vivid industries for designing products/services exhibition, design formation, print and visual commodities, signage and reshaping. More over in the area of service and business promo, Graphics is the king. Good Graphics Design Course for best Graphics Training in Bangladesh we are providing since 2005 is really unparallel here in training kingdom of Bangladesh. SO SKILLED GRAPHICS DESIGNER IS ALWAYS on THE TOP of DEMAND though learning graphic design is not easy if learners fail to choose the good institute. On the other hand, SEO/SEM/SEO Training (Search Engine Promotion/social web marketing in Bangladesh) is significantly the key component in the webworld. Every company & individual prefers best seo for their service or business. Online, Search Engine Promo, Social Media Promotions, www etc. are the potent platform of SEO. Promoting product, service, message, campaign and others is now moved towards ONLINE and includes SEO marketing companies. It reshapes the dynamism over the world markets on tip! It requires seo sites or seo for websites to draw search engine attention. Orgnaisations or individuals can exhibit themselves worldwide through online/internet/web/social media and SEO is the chemical to float it over! And definitely the Skilled SEO professional is massively searching expert personnel (seo expert/eso internet marketing expert). And DEN the house of skill development industry of SEO services provider since 2007. DEN provides the best SEO for website Training in Bangladesh as DEN is treated as the best SEO training institute in Bangladesh for years and working for training and ranking website. More over DEN also hold it site as a good seo sites! DEN has been promptly has been working in the field of outsourcing and outsourcing training since 2007 and engage many people and entrepreneur (e.g. GHAT). Many freelancer lives their living on freelance outsourcing. Outsource streams huge working pathway around the global online network. Even in the elementary stage DEN priorities microsoft office. To generate fingering speed ms office training(Microsoft office training)is very important for improving learner confidence. Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2010 (Microsoft office word, Microsoft Office excel) etc are very popular in the initial stage and making the firm base of IT Training learner, assessed most microsoft office trainer. DEN(Digital Equality Networks) values the learners spirit and the prospect for the whole industry around ICT for employment generating, creating IT entrepreneurship, earn foreign revenue and such. SO learners can choose DEN their suitable web training institute in Bangladesh (computer training/IT Training Institute in Bangladesh) which carrying vast experiences, creating employment and youth engagement as well as dedicated organisation in this ICT Industries. YES, we are here both in Bangladesh and Canada have been providing IT & WEB Services since 2005 in the field of Training, WEB Solutions, ICT Project Design & Implementation, Digitization Institute and such and assisting the development process as a whole.

our vission

Our vision with IT & Web Technology and web training such as web design training, outsourcing training , graphics Design Training are to establish maximum utilization information technology to generate youth skill development and to generate employment at the global platform. We are, indeed, envisioned social and economical development as a whole through using technology and education to establish an indiscriminate society for all.


our service

- Outsourcing training
- Web Design Training
- Web Development Training
- SEO Training
- Grapchis Training
- Office application Training

- Customized Software & Web Solutions
- Corporate Networking and Server Setup
- Entrepreneurship Development & Rural ICT Program (GHAT)
- Consultancy

Our outsourcing Training Courses

Outsourcing Training

Outsourcing and Freelancing Training
  • Outsourcing and freelancing Training
  • Course duration: 1 months
  • Number of Session: 8 (8X3 hours
  • Course Fee: 4500 Tk.
Course Content Course Schedules

Web Design

Web Design
  • Web Design Training
  • Training duration: 2 months
  • Number of Session: 15 (15X3 hours)
  • Course Fee: 8500 Tk.
Course Content Course Schedules

Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development
  • Design & Development Training
  • Course duration: 3 months
  • Number of Session: 30 (30X3 hours)
  • Course Fee: 14000 Tk.
Course Content Course Schedules

Web Application (Php,MySql/C#,.Net)

Web Application
  • Web Application Training
  • Course duration: 3 months
  • Number of Session: 30 (30X3 hours
  • Course Fee (Php,MySql): 15000 Tk.
    Course Fee (C#,.NET): 22000 Tk.
Course Content Course Schedules

CMS (Wordpress/Magento/Joomla)

CMS Wordpress Magento Joomla)
  • CMS Training
  • Course duration: 3 months
  • Number of Session: 18 (18X3 hours)
  • Per Course Fee: 13500 Tk.
Course Content Course Schedules

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEO Training
  • Course duration: 3 months
  • Number of Session: 30 (30X3 hours
  • Course Fee:12500 Tk.
Course Content Course Schedules

Graphics Design

Graphics Design
  • Graphics Design Training
  • Training duration: 3 months
  • Number of Session: 25 (25X3 hours)
  • Course Fee:12000 Tk
Course Content Course Schedules

Hardware & Networking

Hardware & Networking
  • Hardware & Networking Training
  • Training duration: 2 months
  • Number of Session: 14 (14X3 hours)
  • Course Fee: 8000 Tk.
Course Content Course Schedules

Training On Office Application

Training On Office Application
  • Office Application Training
  • Training duration: 2 months
  • Number of Session: 25 (25X3 hours)
  • Course Fee: 6500 Tk.
Course Content Course Schedules

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